chard, peppers and rosemary in a container garden
Photo: Rob Cardillo
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Beautiful Bounty

There's the beauty bonus, too, of course. A gathering of rustic troughs and wood half-barrels filled with rainbow chard and jeweled tomatoes add life to paved places—not to mention convenient harvests for your table. Even if you have a garden, a pot of herbs outside the kitchen makes them a cinch to snip for dinner.

Shown: Colorful chard, peppers, and rosemary share a terra-cotta pot.

'Bright Lights' Chard: A mix of seeds that produce up to 16-inch-tall stalks of chard on stems in gold, pink, dark red, white, and yellow. Harvested young, chard can be eaten like spinach or other greens and picked from late spring until winter. Grows up to 30 inches wide; requires up to 60 days to mature.
Zones 3-9
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