The "Agony and the Ecstasy" Award

Who: Kathy Blair
Where: Morral, Ohio

All Kathy wanted was a nice comfort-height toilet. And with arthritis, failing vision, and lupus, who could blame her? When her sweating toilet caused the bathroom floor to start rotting away, Kathy, despite her litany of ailments, decided to do something: She would redo the entire bathroom. By herself. "If you need something bad enough, my philosophy is, you've gotta do it, no matter what," says our trouper. The hardest, most painful part of the remodel was contorting her uncooperative body into the crawl space so that she could replace the rotten joists beneath the toilet. The entire project took several years, but she kept at it, replacing the floor, updating the decor, removing the tub, and installing the shower pan, the comfy toilet, and even a new vanity. "There were many days when I felt like I was taxing my strength and couldn't go on," she says. "But I finished it, and I'm so proud of what I accomplished." So are we.
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