The "Kerri Strug" Award

Who: Mike Anson
Where: Halethorpe, Maryland

When an ill-fated evening jog left Mike with a snapped-in-two ankle, he didn't 
let the pain, the crutches, or even the cumbersome cast get in the way of his bathroom remodel. You see, getting the job done was something of an emergency. "This was an unplanned project," Mike explains. "I discovered the problem when the toilet started sinking into the floor." Instead of drilling holes to run pipe, the original plumber had simply cut notches in the joists. The joists, of course, eventually cracked, and when the toilet took a dive, Mike took action, terrified it would crash right through the downstairs ceiling. Despite the ankle, our hobbled remodeler spent his evenings and weekends clambering from joist to joist on his hands and one knee while sistering them back together (the joists, not the bones). We're happy to report that the bathroom and the ankle have been put back together again.
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