Office Storage: After

Who: Marc M.
Where: Alexandria, KY

It adds much-needed storage space to the house. This project is the first to give the house some warmth and feel of functionality that the entire family can use. Spray-foam insulation and drywall were done by contractors, but all of the wiring and built-ins were done by me. Doing this saved us at least $2,000 in labor, but more than that was the experience that I can now take to the kids' bedrooms, which are in need of the same type of storage. The design finally came to me as a direct result of Tom and Norm's work on the upstairs library on the Newton Centre project from 2009. The kicker was the bench seat, which is what I needed for the kids. After watching that episode, the rest of the design took off from there. Thanks, Norm and Tom!

Who did the work: I did all the work myself.
Cost: $1,000 to $5,000
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