Best Curb Appeal Redo: A Few Snags

Who: Dawn Peters and Diana Krieg
Where: Bloomington, Illinois

As you might expect, we hit plenty of snags. We had to rebuild the limestone front porch, for example, after the move. A mason had taken it apart for us and made a key showing where each stone went. But we had to let him go, and he left with that piece of paper—leaving us with a jumble of more than 100 stones to put back together again. Luckily, Dawn is a whiz at puzzles and we had some photos to guide us. It took us a couple of weekends, but we got it done.

Naysayers have called us crazy for taking on such a huge project. It's definitely been tough to keep up the momentum at times. But when people thank us for saving this house from the wrecking ball, we feel encouraged to keep going. We've still got plenty to do.

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