Best Curb Appeal Redo: Before

Who: Dawn Peters and Diana Krieg
Where: Bloomington, Illinois

Eight years ago, our home, once the pride and joy of a prominent local family, stood vacant on a block where every other Victorian-era house had been destroyed in the name of progress. If someone didn't step up to buy the place and move it out of harm's way, it would have been razed.

Dawn and I weren't the likeliest candidates. We'd never done a home-improvement project more complicated than plaster repair, and we had absolutely no clue how to move a three-story house—much less where we'd put it. But the thought of letting this gem be demolished was keeping us up at night. We decided to rescue it. After months of hashing out the details with local officials, a mover lifted the hulking mass onto motorized dollies and rolled it to its new spot a few blocks away.
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