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Best Bath Redo: Family Turning Point

Who: Tim and Vicki Peterson
Where: Pasadena, California

Our son, Timothy, was born before we finished the shower, and we have a picture of him in a basket next to his dad and a bucket of grout. We're so proud of the clean, classic black-and-white look.

In all, this bath took us about 18 months, and it became a huge turning point for us. It's a confidence booster to wake up every morning and walk into a minty-fresh room and stand on tile that Tim set himself and not on mangy linoleum. It's a relief to finally have a suitable bathroom for the family; but even more, it's at the heart of what we were trying to do with this house.

Shown: Vicki was pregnant with Timothy, 2, when demolition started. Now three kids use the restored claw-foot tub, a $700 Craigslist find.

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