Best Bath Redo: Before

Who: Tim and Vicki Peterson
Where: Pasadena, California

Tim started the bathroom demo the week I found out I was pregnant with our third. We'd been working on our four-bedroom, two-bath Craftsman for a solid year, juggling the kids and our jobs. The house was a total wreck. Every square foot needed work, but the original 1912 details were there, buried under layers of paint and plywood. Tearing up the main bath meant the entire family had to use the upstairs powder room with a tiny tub, but there was no question it had to be done. There was black mold behind the vanity, and bare plywood showed through the 60-year-old linoleum. During demolition, Tim pulled three mummified rats from the wall. You could say we were motivated.

Shown: The old bath featured mold and deteriorating builder-grade materials. Everything, plumbing included, had to go.
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