Serene Koi Pond: After

Who: Kristina R.
Where: Boonville, MO

We love the serenity. I love to sit and listen to the waterfalls and watch the koi and watch the birds bathing on the edge of the waterfalls. I love the bridge and arbors our son built. It helps me relax from my stressful job. And it's incredibly beautiful! We did it all ourselves (saved $7,000). I used the bricks dug up from the old 1800s carriage house in the landscaping. The large rocks came from an old 1800s wine cellar up the road that was being dismantled. The man who built the old wine cellar was a partner with the man who built our house, making award-winning wine. They stored the wine in pottery jugs made here and stored it in the wine cellar now being dismantled. We brought pieces of history home, where it belongs.

Who did the work: I did all the work myself
Cost: $500 to $1,000

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