From Shady to Sunny: After

Who: Laura K.
Where: Seattle, WA

I love having a sunny place. We can now grow herbs and roses! The paved area with the four cardinal points marked is pretty and unusual, and reminds me of the sun's path. There are several places to sit, and many ways to enjoy this space. I like the vistas from one part of the yard to another. I drew up the topography. I created the design. I drew the plans and the details. I hired a really good contractor so that the work would be done correctly and beautifully the first time. I researched and selected all of the sun-loving plants. My husband and I did the planting and mulching. This garden is a long-term labor of love.

Who did the work: I did some of the work myself, but a contractor did most of it
Cost: $5,000 to $10,000

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