Separating the Plaster from the Lath

Roman Kowal
Horseheads, NY

I've been referred to as "Cheap-O-The-Cheapster" and as "Lamont," from Sanford and Son, for my tendency to scour bargain racks and pick up things from the side of the road. So my wife was sure I belonged in this year's Hall. Here's one good reason why she's right: When removing lath and plaster, I chip off the plaster and take it to the dump, but not the lath. I keep that. Not only does it reduce my tonnage and overage charges at the dump, but I can also reuse the lath in countless ways: as furring strips, lattice, and kindling for perfectly legal bonfires out back. I also use it to stake up leggy hydrangeas and coneflowers in the garden.

What Roman Saves: Up to $50 each trip
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