open layout of craftsman kitchen after remodel
Photo: John Granen

New, Open Layout

A small, dated house often requires thinking big. Gary and Eliza Hurlbut loved their 1912 bungalow, on a corner lot in their favorite Seattle neighborhood, but not the warren of dollhouse-size spaces beyond the front rooms. The words major surgery came to mind. "We wanted to open it up," Eliza says, starting with what she politely recalls as "the pristine but one-person kitchen." J.A.S. Design-Build devised an open plan on the first floor anchored by a kitchen large enough for a family of four. "Our goal was to open it up while keeping the original character," says designer Kevin Price.

Shown: The finished kitchen. Walls came down and additional windows went in as the kitchen shifted to a new location, allowing the old sink area to become an open office.
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