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How to Make Spaces Feel Bigger

The goal of the redo was to expand the house to fit an extended family—plus houseguests—without throwing off its cozy scale and proportions. Here are some of the tricks resident architect Donald Powers, his wife, Dana, and resident interior designer Joanne Kahn used to give the cottage its spacious feel.

Sacrifice closets in favor of dressers, pegs, and armoires if it helps you carve out larger rooms.

Use columns and built-ins to define separate spaces within an open plan, give stairs and room dividers a finished look, and add seamless storage and display space.

Pitch the ceilings upstairs. In the process of rebuilding the top floor and the roof, Donald kept rooms just big enough for beds while capping them with peaked ceilings.

Shown: Ample kitchen storage stows away enough dishes for three generations.
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