light blue and white master bath with sloped cathedral ceiling
Photo: Keller + Keller
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Like It Was Always There

With Donald in charge of design and construction, Dana and her mom, Joanne, the resident interior designer, held veto power over finishes and furnishings. Andrew, Arnold, and Nate were invited to weigh in. "It was Arnie's great idea to build a brick chimney," says Donald, who worried about the expense but concedes his father-in-law made a brilliant move.

Donald's plan called for new roofs and dormers front and back, allowing a two-story addition with a master suite to sidle up under a new roofline as if both had always been there. A rejiggering of the existing second floor would create a hub-like stair landing, three bedrooms, two baths, and a "flex" room for guests, the baby's crib, or answering e-mail. Downstairs, Donald balanced open living space with an "away" room for household members seeking quality time with the TV.

Shown: Sloping ceilings in the master bath on the second floor mirror the roofline.
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