family sitting on porch swing, chairs on remodeled bungalow
Photo: Keller + Keller

Whole House and Family

If there's one way to test family dynamics, it's a whole-house redo—the kind that involves dozens of decisions, from the size of the smallest bedroom to who gets to sleep there. Now imagine not two but six household members, ranging in age and disposition from preschool to retirement. Make one an architect and another an interior designer, and you've got some serious discussions in store. Then layer on pressure from the neighbors to keep a sweet little bungalow from putting on airs, and it's a wonder that the Powers-Kahn house in Jamestown, Rhode Island, got renovated at all, much less in 14 months.

Shown: Arnold and Joanne Kahn flank daughter Dana, son-in-law Donald, dog Ruby, and grandson Nate, 7, on the new front porch. Nate's baby brother, Theo, and his uncle, Andrew Kahn (not shown), round out the household.
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