Paints for Masonry when learning all about exterior paint
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Paints for Masonry

Any coating that goes over brick, stone, or stucco has to allow water vapor to pass through it. That's why oil-based finishes must be avoided; they trap moisture, wreak havoc on mortar, and quickly fail. Choose one of these three options instead.

Acrylic: High-end house paints (above, over brick) do allow moisture to escape but need an alkali-resistant primer to protect them from cement's high pH. Similar to shown: Stellar 249 in C5200, about $60 per gallon; C2 Paint.

Lime: An ancient coating formula of slaked quicklime and mineral pigments gives masonry a rich, old-world look. Its velvety finish wears off easily and needs to be reapplied about every five years. Products such as Pit Lime Paint (starting at about $50 per gallon; Unearthed Paints) can be ordered online.

Mineral: Instead of resins and solvents, mineral paints, such as Quartz Guard (about $90 per gallon;, use silicates, which chemically bond to masonry to form a completely breathable, extremely durable skin. Two coats should last 50 years.
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