master bath with green walls, claw foot bathtub, white tile floor
Photo: Judith Bromley
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A Year Wait Before Renovation

From the beginning Dennis and I jumped into researching ways to add historically appropriate charm to the place. We collected sticky-noted stacks of magazines for reference, tearing out the photos we really liked. I already knew I wanted to turn an upstairs nursery into a walk-in closet and master bath with two pedestal sinks, a claw-foot tub, and sage-green walls—just like one I had seen in the September 2003 issue of This Old House. But we waited and lived in the house for a year before deciding how big a remodel we wanted to take on. Good thing, too. Over that time we fully experienced the house's inadequate insulation, questionable wiring, ancient plumbing—and, yes, the crumbling foundation, which had left the floors crooked and had to be replaced.

Shown: A claw-foot slipper tub is nestled into a corner of the new master bath.
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