backyard garden arbor double garden gate with spindle-style picket fence
Photo: Webb Chappell
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5. A Garden Arbor

Vertical architectural elements tie the landscape to the house and offset a yard's horizontal lines.

Arches and arbors can be used to dress up a path, frame a view, support climbing plants, or mark an entry, as the one shown here does. Garden gates with an arbor roof feel welcoming and protected, marking the transition from one setting to another—from driveway to backyard, for instance.

The clean lines of this arch echo those of the house and the spindle-style picket fence. The curved top offers a break from the rectangular geometry of the surrounding structures, putting even more of a spotlight on it. Eight to 10 feet is generally a good height for a garden arch. And if it's to hold a double gate, as this one does, it should be at least 6 feet wide for a gracious entry that could accommodate two people walking side by side.
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