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Busted! We Debunk a Few Common Myths

MYTH: Clippings don't cause thatch.
FACT: Since grass clippings are about 90 percent water, they break down too quickly to add to thatch. Lawns develop thatch naturally, but more than a ½-inch layer prevents nutrients, oxygen, and water from getting through.

MYTH: Spiked shoes won't aerate a lawn.
FACT: True aeration requires removing 4-inch-long plugs of soil to create voids so that nutrients can get to the roots. Despite the name, slip-on spiked aerator shoes don't aerate, and golf cleats can actually compact the soil.

MYTH: Hot weather doesn't kill grass.
FACT: Turf naturally goes dormant during a drought. A brown lawn isn't necessarily dead and usually bounces back when watered after temperatures cool. But a lawn that goes from brown to tan to gray is sending out an SOS.
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