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Shop Smart: Spend for Premium Seed

If you need to seed a bare patch or your grass is so thin that you need to overseed, invest in a top-quality mix. Check the bag's label; a premium blend will name individual cultivars, such as 'Midnight' Kentucky bluegrass, while common names, like tall fescue, indicate older, lower-quality seed types. The pros agree: Cheaper seed will never perform really well, no matter how much you fertilize.

You might also consider a custom mix. Online specialty seed retailers, such as, cherry-pick top-performing seed types (you can research these at the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program's website, and can create a blend optimally suited to your site, with no weed seeds. Or, if you're looking for something special, like darker color or finer leaf texture, you can tailor a mix accordingly. Expect to pay more than double what home-center seed costs.
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