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Lesson 1: Create a Front-Yard Garden

Design a gracious garden setting out front to show off your house's best features and provide privacy. Eagleton matched the crisp lines of his vintage house with soft, English-style perennials that bloom against formal hedges. The hedges—dwarf burning bush, Euonymus alatus 'Compactus'—are much friendlier and less costly than masonry walls and, since they extend on both sides of the central steps, make the lot appear wider. The low flagstone retaining wall he installed to edge his beds matches the home's warm brick facade, while the arched metal gate, once the frame of an old church window, echoes the arched front door. Tree-form rose of Sharon and limelight hydrangea, layered in between the clipped hedges, screen the front-entry court and create the illusion of greater depth from street to house.

Shown: Garden designer Mike Eagleton layered his home's street-facing landscape for beauty and privacy.
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