red yellow citron cottage-style kitchen
Photo: Mark Lohman
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Bold-Color Kitchen

Nothing revives an old room like an energetic new color scheme. In Rich and Sue Linder's 1940s ranch house in Laguna Beach, California, a previous remodel left behind a washed-out white kitchen, save for the sensational 1945 stove Sue inherited from her mother. White beadboard and glass-front cabinets mixed with open shelves; a red range hood and pendants helped tie in the vintage range. Still, the room looked a little tired.

The cabinets and counters stayed the same, but a carefully composed riot of colors makes the remodeled room as warm and welcoming as its 1940s stove. The new color palette complements the sunny space, including bright yellow walls, a citron ceiling, and lime wainscoting. The revved-up range finally has surroundings that suit its playful spirit. Says Sue of the space: "It's fun and uplifting, and makes us smile."
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