colorful cottage-style kitchen with antiques rustic furniture
Photo: Dana Gallagher
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Rustic, Relaxed, and Colorful

The kitchen offers more than a place to chop veggies or cook a roast. This colorful kitchen in Watercolor, Florida acts as the ultimate family gathering spot, where grandkids clamor for snacks while puppies play at their feet. To accommodate all the activity, homeowners Jim and Linda Strickland opted for well-worn antiques and rustic furniture that belie the space's relatively young age. "Even though we renovated only about eight years ago, we chose old furniture, old lights, and old art," says Jim, "so we don't worry if something gets messed up." Bright colors enhance the laid-back vibe and draw attention to the room's custom pieces, including a window-mounted plate rack and extra-long island.
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