Dog taking a bath in canine cleansing station
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Secrets to a No-Stress Bath Time

Once you've got the right space to clean up your pup, here are suggestions from the American Kennel Club for keeping the experience a positive one for all involved:

• A major fear for dogs during bath time: slippery surfaces. Place a grippy rubber mat inside the tub, and lay a nonskid rug outside on the floor for when he steps out. Keep your dog's nails clipped to help him keep his footing.

• Check the water temperature before you turn the hand sprayer on Fido—it should be no hotter than lukewarm. Use a gentle setting on the sprayer to keep your dog calm while rinsing him.

• When bath time is over, prevent him from shaking water all over you by using a microfiber towel to dry his coat quickly.

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