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Floorplan: Ian Worpole
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Floor Plan After and What They Did

The redo eliminated the peninsula, rejiggered the layout within the existing footprint, and increased storage and prep space.

1. Moved the refrigerator to end traffic jams when its door was open. Built out the cabinet to fully enclose the full-size fridge and a TV.
2. Tore out the peninsula to open up the room and improve flow.
3. Built in a coffee station and sink in the eating area. Replaced patio sliders with more-traditional French doors.
4. Created a pantry in a former closet and integrated it into the room by eliminating a pair of double doors. Changed double doors to the dining room to a single.
5. Created a cooking zone by centering the range in a short run of cabinets and placing the microwave just steps away.
6. Reduced double doors to the hallway and family room to singles.
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