A Friendly Facade: After

Porch: To make the entry more welcoming, the owners expanded 
the porch to cover nearly the whole front of the house. Intent on keeping it as maintenance-free as possible, they used composite decking for the floors and PVC wainscot on the ceilings. The railings, which sit on handsome stone-veneer skirting, are also made of PVC.

Siding: The old, weathered wood clapboards, which required annual paint touch-ups, were replaced with easy-to-care-for vinyl in an earthy sandstone color.

Roof: An extended roofline makes the porch feel like a natural addition 
to the home. New, impact-resistant asphalt shingles top off the structure.

Windows: For a more eye-catching look, the homeowners had all the existing windows, which are vinyl-clad wood, cased in white PVC trim.

Shown: By offering shade, deciduous trees can reduce cooling costs by up to 35 percent.
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