Added Dimension: After

Entry: A huge porch, which is attached to a two-story addition that bumps out from the front of the house, added 300 square feet of outdoor living space. It also lends the home a cozy, farmhouse vibe, thanks to dark mahogany floors, vintage-style lights, slender rails and columns, and a fire-engine-red door.

Roof: Textured architectural shingles take the place of the disintegrating composite roofing material.

Siding: "Half the shingles were one shade of red and half were another," says John, so he and Mark replaced them with new ones, painted taupe.

Windows: Generously sized energy-efficient windows share the same six-over-six design of the originals but are airtight. The old window on the house's left side was enlarged to accommodate two French doors.

Landscaping: To brighten up the lackluster lawn, the owners grouped leafy clusters of hydrangea, holly, and rhododendron around the porch and brick walk, which John edged with granite left over from the porch footings. Window boxes hung from the second story and planted with annuals connect the addition with the lush yard below.

Shown: An antiqued-brass mailbox adds instant charm for around $40.
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