The Past, Revisited: After

Entry: The homeowners' first goal was to find a way to distract from the asymmetrical roofline. "It was lopsided and odd—and the first thing your eye went to," says Taryn. To avoid a major renovation, they added a gable-roofed porch, which masks the main roof's harsh angle. White rails and trim, plus new house numbers, a post-mounted mailbox, and a red door, ensure that the porch stays center stage.

Paint: A green-gray hue provides a neutral, just-dark-enough backdrop for the house's vibrant door and textural native plantings.

Siding: Taryn and Luke replaced the dingy board-and-batten out front with new fiber-cement clapboards. To save money, they left the rest of the house faced in stucco, which they refreshed.

Landscaping: Off the main walk, a side path made with flagstone pulled from the original house takes visitors on a scenic stroll past flower beds. Nearly all the plants are drought resistant to keep water usage low.

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