Lakeside Inspiration: After

Entry: By bringing the gable roofline forward about 10 feet (flush with the existing facade) and adding a porch, they softened the division between the house and the street. Simple porch posts and railings that angle toward the walkway help give the space dimension.

Paint: A beachy combination of vibrant turquoise, aqua, and white invigorates the front and evokes the area's history as a resort town.

Landscaping: Once a flat expanse of dying grass, the yard now features perennial beds and small shrubs, and is anchored by a walkway constructed from pavers that they got for free from a friend.

Siding: Jim and Sandy splurged on fiber cement to replace the bent aluminum. They added character by installing fish-scale shingles above the porch and wood painted to resemble lattice at the roof's peak.

Windows: Previously located on the side of the house, these windows let in more sun than the small, improperly aligned originals. The DIY shutters are hung on hooks so that they can be removed for painting.

Shown: Nailed-together board-and-batten shutters cost only a few bucks each to make.
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