Redefined Queen Anne: After

Paint: Warm gray trimmed in soft white lends the facade timeless appeal. Forest green subtly draws attention to some of the home's architectural details, including the front gable and lattice porch skirt. The porch ceiling is painted pale blue in traditional Southern style.

Entry: To tie the front steps in with the rest of the house, Andrew coated the original brick with gray concrete. Under the porch, he knocked out old brick and put in new lattice to provide ventilation.

Door: Andrew loved the old oak door even though it was falling off its hinges. To copy it would have cost $4,000, so he restored the original on his own, stripping the wood, then rebuilding it piece by piece.

Windows: Previously painted shut, the single-pane windows sport repaired sash weights and new storms.

Landscaping: A fresh layer of sod and a narrower walkway mean more green grass and less crumbling concrete.

Shown: Instead of paying for custom lattice, cut panels to fit from off-the-shelf sheets.
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