Photo: Justin Moret
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The Project Tally

• Poured pieces for the counter and backsplash by building molds and mixing cement, sand, pebbles, and recycled glass. $135
• Saved big on a new sink, a faucet, and nickel-finished light fixtures by monitoring online auctions. $390
• Updated the vanity with poplar doors and drawer fronts he built himself, glossy paint, and chrome pulls. $75
• Gussied up the old mirror by welding a new frame and having it nickel-plated. $85
• Covered the ceiling with beadboard left over from a kitchen reno. $0
• Used one can of gray-blue paint to coat the walls. $20
Total: $705

Shown: Installed, the new concrete-and-glass top helps give the old vanity a fresh, updated look.
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