house with durable fiber cement siding
Photo: Roger Foley
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Fiber Cement vs. Mother Nature

This durable material outperforms many of its siding competitors in a range of climates.

Out west: In arid locales that are prone to wildfires, particularly in the western U.S., some insurance companies offer a discount for homes sided in fiber cement because it's noncombustible. It's also unaffected by the strong UV radiation typical at high altitudes.
On the coast: Salt air, high humidity, and bright sun are constant challenges in seaside environments but have no effect on this siding. With a proper nailing pattern, it will also withstand winds up to 130 mph.
Down south: Termites and fungi thrive in the warmth and moisture of the southeastern U.S., such as in New Orleans (ABOVE), but they get no nourishment from fiber cement.
Up north: Unlike vinyl, fiber cement doesn't become brittle in cold weather. It easily withstands below-zero temperatures and won't crack because of freeze-thaw cycles.
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