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Inside the Silo

Here's what a Launch Control Center turned residential studio looks like. When the current owners bought the space 20 years ago, it was filled with water. They drained it and went on a remodeling blitz that resulted in the airy, modern space shown here. This glorified basement is connected to the silo by a 40-foot-tunnel (as shown in the previous slide).

The property (19.2 acres) is currently on the market. But it's part of a larger 210-acre airpark that's divided into lots for a subdivision, complete with an FAA-approved runway so homeowners can taxi right up to their front doors. There's also an aircraft hanger building and a log cabin on the site—altogether listed for sale for about $1.8 million. But if all you need is a really, really safe place to rest your head, you can pick up just the silo home lot (listed separately) for $750,000.
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