blue front door personalized with paint
Photo: Eric Roth

Color Your Home Welcoming

It's the first thing people see and the last one on many homeowners' to-choose list: the color of the front door. But if classic green, red, and black have long been the defaults, that's beginning to change. "People are starting to branch out," says Amy Wax, an architectural color consultant in Montclair, New Jersey. "They realize the color of the front door introduces the world to the people inside, and it can be unexpected and playful." Before you dash off for a quart of neon green, however, Wax recommends stepping back and taking note of the style of the door, along with the trim and siding that frame it. Adding a stately shade can make a simple cottage-style door look more sophisticated, she points out, while a casual, bright hue can make a formal facade friendlier and more whimsical. Follow along as Wax offers 17 fresh, inviting options.
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