snapping angled chalk lines
Illustration: Harry Bates
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Snapping Angled Chalk Lines

Q: Whenever I try to snap angled lines on drywall, the chalk line's hook slips. I don't want to put a nail in the edge to hold the hook. What should I do instead?
—Allan J. Wicklund, Riverhead, N.Y.

A: The hook on the end of a chalk line is a handy device when you pull the line perpendicular to the edge. But if you have to snap angled lines across a sheet of drywall or plywood and you're working solo, make a small notch in the edge of the sheet with a utility knife where you want the line to start (A).

Slip the line into the notch, leaving the hook on the sheet's back side (B). Now you can pull the line taut without worrying about the other end slipping.
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