rope-hung daybed
Photo: Antoine Bootz
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August: Hang a Rope-Hung Daybed

Summer may already be in full swing, but that doesn't mean it's too late to rig up some seating for your front porch. Built from 2×4s painted a bright hue and backed with 1×2s wired together to mimic dune fencing, the perch shown here swings from nautical rope for a beachy look. To hang your own daybed in a similar manner, you'll need four lengths of thick manila rope. Anchor eyebolts in all four corners of the bed's frame, and link stainless-steel shackles (from a marine-supply store) to them. Loop the rope through the shackles, splice it, then whip the entire splice with hemp twine. Insert 2-inch eye screws into the porch rafters, attach shackles, and do the same splicing and whipping at the other end of the rope to hang the bed from the ceiling.
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