Screened-in bathroom cabinet
Photo: Frank L. Jenkins/Vista Estate Imaging
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March: Screened-In Cabinet

Emulating the vintage charm of old radiator covers and pie safes, decorative grilles offer the perfect way to punch up plain cabinet doors. When installed in a bathroom, they're also highly functional. Here, the inserts help obscure towels and toiletries while allowing air to circulate.

Inspired to install your own grilles? First, consider your cabinet doors. If you have glass panels, as the homeowner of this bath did, you can just pop them out; if you have wood, you'll need to use a router to cut away the panel, working from the back of the door. Then simply insert the grille, securing it with stops made from small strips of wood or turn buttons. You'll end up with a cabinet that's as eye-catching as it is useful.
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