Indianapolis farmhouse
Photo: Chad Lethig
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May: Indy Farmhouse

Location: Indianapolis, IN
Status: Still Available ($1: Must be moved)

"We had immense interest immediately after the release of the article," says Indiana Landmark's Chad Lethig regarding the second of two $1 Indiana farmhouses featured in Save TOH in 2011. "Unfortunately, it didn't materialize into someone willing to take on this project." The empty clapboard house was once home to Isaac Cotton, a beekeeper and Civil War draft enrollment commissioner, whose father, John, built the place in the early 1850s. While the 13-room house retains gorgeous ash, oak, and poplar millwork, a local realty company wants to develop the property, and is working with Indiana Landmarks to find someone to relocate the house. "We continue to show and market the house," says Lethig, "but the clock is beginning to tick louder."

Anyone interested can call Chad at 317-639-4534.
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