Jefferson, IN Save This Old House, April 2011
Photo: Courtesy of Laura Renwick
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April: Georgian Revival

Location: Jeffersonville, Indiana
Status: Still available
$1: Must be moved

While the nonprofit Indiana Landmarks received a lot of calls about this historic 1864 farmhouse, they've yet to find the right person to take on its relocation and restoration. To jump-start interest, the home is currently for sale in a 45-day bidding period that will end in August 2014. It's a daunting project (the house needs to be relocated to make way for some new water wells), but keep in mind that there's a 1.2-acre plot of land just down the road that's available for $89,000. Considering Jeffersonville is just across the river from Louisville, Kentucky, whoever restores this house will have the best of country and city life.
For more info, call 812-284-4534.
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