a basement living area with bed over a built-in storage area
Photo: John Granen
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Tips for a Beyond-the-Basic Bedroom

Make a narrow room (like this one, only 7½ feet wide) feel snug, not suffocating.

1. Build a spot for the bed.
Instead of aligning the full-size bed with the room's long axis, it was turned 90 degrees and tucked below the window for a perfect fit.

2. Keep storage compact.

The bookshelf doubles as a headboard and nightstand; deep drawers hold clean linens and give guests room to unpack.

3. Continue details from adjacent spaces.

Here, the wainscot ties the sleeping nook in with the rest of the rooms.

4. Layer rugs for warmth.
An area rug laid on top of rugged wall-to-wall carpet adds welcome texture and softness underfoot.

5. Add wall fixtures.

A swing-arm reading lamp saves space and directs light right where it's needed; sconces flanking the high window draw the eye upward.
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