2nd Runner Up: A Woodland Glen Christmas

"My dad designed the Woodland Glen House with a scaled drawing. He used an architectural scale, X-Acto knife and foam board, to create the pattern. The pattern was then assembled and used as the guide for the cookie pieces. Numerous tools were used in the construction of the house and stand. An impact driver was used to insert the lighting, a jigsaw to enlarge holes and cut baked gingerbread, a Skil saw and miter with laser to cut the platform for the stand. A mouse sander and flat file were used for sanding the stand and rough edges of the gingerbread and a Dremel tool with various bits was used to grind edges and refine details.

The house and stand weigh 397 pounds. The recipe called for 110 eggs, 75 pounds of flour, 2 gallons of molasses, 15 pounds of brown sugar, 23 pounds of royal icing, and 55 pounds of candies. To add to the magic, there are edible tunnels, slides, reclining chairs, a motorized carousel, a skating pond, and a working train."

Stephanie S.
West Palm Beach, FL
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