Gingerbread house
Photo: Ann W.
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Finalist: Nottoway Plantation

"Our gingerbread house is a replica of the Nottoway Plantation which is located outside of New Orleans. I gave my father several pictures of the home and he made a cardboard scale model, and from that I made many, many sheets of gingerbread. The house is 2 ½ feet by 3 feet and 2 feet high. My father cut the gingerbread with the band saw and cut the windows with a Dremel tool. We poured sugar for the windows and put it together with royal frosting. We used over 25 different candies to decorate it and used fondant for the curtains, siding, and stair railings. We also used crackers, cookies, and broccoli (for the bushes). The entire house is edible. This was a family effort with three generations working on it from ages 16 to 82. We have spent approximately 130 man hours on it. We also used rulers, scissors, a power miter saw, a jig saw, a framing square, a level, sandpaper, and a metal file."

Ann W.
New London, WI
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