Hide wiring with crown molding as an example of Free or Low-Cost Fix-ups tips
Photo: Jamie Salomon/Cornerhouse Stock. Illustration: Jason Lee.
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Low-Mess Wiring

PRO: William Hyman, electrical contractor and old-house wiring specialist, Silver Spring, Md.

SECRET: Reduce the amount of wall and ceiling repair that's typically required when adding overhead outlets for new light fixtures by installing crown molding at the same time. Choose your molding profile, preferably one made from hollow foam; this type doesn't require nails for installation and creates a channel in which to hide wiring. Cut any holes you need to fish wire to the new fixture outlet in the space that will be covered by the molding. For instance, if you were to choose a 5-inch or bigger profile, you would cut holes in the wall approximately 3½ inches from the ceiling, then obscure them and the wiring itself with molding, says Hyman.

TOH Tip: Use glue-up crown as a chase to hide wiring and holes in the wall when adding a new outlet for an overhead light. Secure wires to the wall with one-hole straps.
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