wrap windows with molding as an example of small scale big impact upgrade
Photo: Kolin Smith. Illustration: Jason Lee
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Weighty Windows

PRO: Norm Abram, TOH master carpenter

SECRET: Give dimension to flat window casings by wrapping them with backband molding. "It's easy, and it really enhances the depth and design of your casings," says Norm. A hallmark of vintage millwork, L-shaped backband molding, which cups the outer edge of the casing, also lends historical authenticity to newer homes. Choose your style from the many offerings at online molding retailers, or pick up a simple stock profile at the home center or a local lumberyard to save on shipping costs.

TOH Tip: To install one-piece backband molding, miter the corners, secure with finishing nails, and paint or stain to match the casing.
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