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Photo: Lisa Romerein. Illustration: Jason Lee
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Kitchen Storage on a Shoestring

PRO: Joanne Hudson, kitchen designer and founder, Joanne Hudson Basics, Philadelphia

SECRET: Make open shelving for everyday dishes out of butcher-block countertop material. Sturdier than stock shelves sold at the home center, butcher block offers a chunky, high-end look for a fraction of the price, says Hudson. Use a circular saw to rip a 25-inch-deep slab in half lengthwise, creating two 12½-inch-deep shelves. For a free-floating appearance, support the butcher-block shelves on threaded steel rods anchored into your wall studs.

Pictured: Anchor threaded steel rods about 3½ inches into wall studs, and secure them with epoxy. Drill holes in the edge of the butcher block that match the diameter of the rods, and slide the shelves onto the rods.
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