Remodeled kitchen island and nook
Photo: Tria Giovan
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Kitchen Space Fit for the Family

The kids can forget dumping their schoolwork on the kitchen table, where it can mingle with coffee cups and yesterday's news. Assignments, permission slips, it all goes into shallow bins hung on the back of a cabinet door. As for the recycling bin for paper, it's banished to a different room—and another cabinet. "When you have a lot of children, you can't have clutter everywhere," Ellis says, politely overlooking that where clutter and children are concerned, her rule may actually be an exception.

Or call it a model. Everywhere you look in the couple's well-proportioned 1946 Cape Cod–style house are storage ideas worth stealing, from drawers tucked under a built-in entry bench to a home-office cabinet that hides a charging station. Even the desk's customary nest of wires has its own place, no surprise, where nobody can see it.

Shown: The island is capped by a cabinet with clear plastic fronts so that the kids can safely set their own places at the table.

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