applying wallpaper paste to the backside of a sheet of wallpaper
Photo: Kolin Smith
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Adhesive Options

Wheat paste The traditional choice: You or your pro mix a flour-based powder with water and apply it to the paper's backing. Good for historic uncoated papers and grasscloth.

Premixed vinyl Sold in buckets, ready to apply. Clear premixes work with most wallpaper types. Some metallics, vinyls, and vintage papers require a clay-based premix.

Prepasted No worries about uneven coverage or missed spots; it's factory applied. Activate the glue by soaking the paper briefly in warm water, and it's ready to hang.

Peel-and-stick Does away with the drippy application or soakings 
that are needed with wet-pasted papers. To reposition or remove these vinyl coverings, just pull them off the wall like giant decals.
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