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What's it cost?
Retail brands are about $40 to $250 a roll, depending on the design, material, and square footage. Designer papers, typically custom orders, run as high as $500 a roll.

DIY or hire a pro?
Nonwoven and prepasted papers are homeowner-friendly. Hire a pro if a room's corners aren't plumb or the paper is high-end. Painting and decorating contractors charge $30 to $60 to hang a roll. Removing old paper is usually a separate expense.

Does it hold up?
That depends on the paper type and how much sunlight, moisture, and wear it gets. Most will last 15 years, but the trend is simple-to-remove papers so that you can update rooms more often.

How to clean?
Use warm water and a natural sponge; tamp dry with a lint-free cloth. For tough stains, use a mild detergent or rubbing alcohol. Keep grasscloth fresh by vacuuming it.
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