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Photo: Michael Lewis
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Add an Easy Wallpaper Backsplash

Replacing an outdated tile or stone backsplash before the kitchen gets too busy with holiday meal prep can set you back a pretty penny. For one that's easier on the wallet—and a cinch to revamp and clean—opt for wallpaper covered with ¼-inch tempered glass. Measure the backsplash area and cut out a cardboard template, marking the openings for electrical outlets. Bring the template to a glass fabricator so that they can cut a piece to size and polish the edges. After papering the wall, attach the glass by screwing down the outlet cover plates. Then run a bead of clear silicone sealant along the bottom and top edges and at the seams. Next time you update your kitchen, a new backsplash is just a quick switch of wallpaper away.

Shown: A geometric pattern works here because the paper is wide enough to be hung horizontally—no need to match seams. Antonina Vella Designs, about $63 per roll; York Wallpapers and Fabrics
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