a flower bed illuminated by tulip-shaped outdoor lights
Photo: Courtesy of Progress Lighting
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Landscape Features

To light flower beds and other ground cover, as well as statuary or stone walls, use well lights recessed into the ground; or use swivel spots and short-stalked tier-, mushroom- and tulip-shaped shaded fixtures, which shine light downward.

Here's a trick, courtesy of Lloyd Reeder, vice president of sales with Carrollton, Texas-based Greenlee Lighting, that can make it seem like there's a moon out every night: "Mount shielded bullet fixtures up in taller trees to shine down, like moonlight, on a shorter tree or nearby shrubs," Reeder says. "The downlight passes through branches and leaves, casting an interesting pattern of shadows."

And finally, for a backlit effect, put the light source between the object you want to highlight (a particularly nice tree in the front of your home, for example) and the wall of the house.
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